Category: Puzzles

Ninjas have never been…painting! Prepare for a fast-paced colourful adventure!Ninja Painter 2 is an arcade puzzle game with addicting gameplay. Paint the walls through 36 lev [...]
BLOCKS is a logic puzzle game with 100 levels to twist your brain. Move the blocks in one line to make them disappear until any block is left on the level. This game is a real chal [...]
Explode bombs to burn wood with fire and rust metal in water. The Fire, Sky, Water, and Earth worlds feature unique gameplay elements for a total of 48 addictive and challenging le [...]
Defend Earth from Aliens using CATS (Again!) in this new physics remover game from Jimp and LongAnimalsClick on things to remove them or use them.
Welcome to the Pike Club.Flip tiles, earn scores, spend talent points, prove your skills, be a scoreboard king!— You can speed up tiles with talents!— Flip pairs of tiles to clear [...]
A St. Patrick’s day spot the difference game.A St. Patrick’s day spot the difference game.
Fix machines by hooking gears together. Each machine you fix earns you money. Revisit levels to get the best score possible and try to get the best overall score you can! Also, you [...]
A wonderful spot the differences game. Explore the life of a lion as he tries to fit into the norm.Use your mouse to click on the differences.
Join Lilith in the companion adventure to Emma’s Valentines day. Lilith has a great present for her friend Emma. Will she be able to get it to her in time? Make up a story with you [...]
Test your wits against ten colourful opponents in the medieval word-wizard tournament!Valid words must consist of at least three letters and follow british or american spelling. No [...]